Employment Opportunities

We are looking for team members that are humble, smart, and hungry.

Plus, they should enjoy busy days, are smarter than the average bear, and want to provide customer service that people tell stories about!  Do you want to help us change the world and be something bigger than yourself? For the right person advancement to a position of responsibility is certainly possible. If that applies to you and you are interested in any of the following positions, please email your resume to info@LucasResearch.org. Good luck!

All positions are Full Time. We do not require any medical background or degree to work here, but it is no easy task to join us at Lucas Research.

We are definitely looking for someone with the right qualifications and competency to meet our high standards. However, it is even more important that our team be friendly, cooperative, motivated, and able to take on new responsibilities. We work as a team and support each other. It takes a very special person to become one of our stars. Besides very competitive pay scales, we offer:

  • Absolutely non-smoking environment
  • BCBS health insurance for team members
  • Employer Matched Health Savings Account (HSA) for medical expenses
  • Paid holidays
  • 16 paid personal days off each year
  • Uniforms, as applicable
  • IRA employer match
  • Subsidized corporate Sports Center Membership
  • Pleasant working environment
  • CME educational benefits (all of our medical team has been to ECU for a 5-day diabetes fellowship)

Clinical Research Associate

Our Clinical Research Associates may find themselves doing almost anything, they may back fill the Administrative Team if necessary, they may cover for a Clinical Research Coordinator who is out for an extended time.  You will find them triaging patients, gathering medical history, replacing windshield wipers on a patient’s car, performing diagnostic procedures, ultrasounds, teaching patients, teaching another team member, reading to patients, renewing prescriptions, returning phone calls, relating instructions from the doctor to patients, and returning more phone calls.  Research assistants support our medical providers and Research Coordinators doing whatever needs to be done, from drawing blood, entering data, unpacking boxes, or processing specimens.  The Clinical Research Associate position is the path to becoming a Clinical Research Coordinator; however, the journey can take years.   If the Admin Team is face of Lucas Research, then the Research Associates are the backbone.  You up for a challenge?

Some of us are capable of doing multiple jobs in the office and also fill-in as needed. Our clinical staff rotate between providers and the support desk. Some of us are not doing the job we were initially hired to do; the point is that our stars needs to be flexible. Besides becoming an expert in diabetes, our clinical team learns to:

  • Perform bone density testing
  • Conduct continuous glucose monitors
  • Administer IV Boniva treatments
  • Train patients to use insulin pumps
  • Assist with thyroid ultrasounds and thyroid nodule aspirations
  • Blood drawing
  • Use CLIA waived lab equipment
  • Perform thyroid uptakes
  • Patient education
  • Help with clinical research studies

Physician- Primary Investigator

Lucas Research is a state of the art, world leading, clinical research site as well as a thriving Endocrinology and primary care practice. Living at the beach makes for an easy escape from the day-to-day; but, what if your normal day was so enjoyable that you don’t necessarily need an escape? While our beaches are undeniably incredible, we like to think the luxuries of life on the Crystal Coast pale in comparison to the benefits of being on the Lucas Research team. Our new facility is on the home stretch of construction and even the unfinished product is impressive. The new building has the space, technology, and kitchen facilities (food is important) needed to support the important work our entire team conducts on a daily basis. It’s common for us to take interview guests on preview tours of the new building—keep that in mind when you pick your shoes. Every position we have is challenging, dynamic, and involves a considerable amount of responsibility. We almost never do our jobs on an empty stomach; rhinos can only charge when properly fueled. Interested in charging?

We are seeking a full time Internist or Family Practice Physician. Endocrinology experience is appreciated but not necessary. Much of the work is what you would expect at any private medical practice, but there is so much more.  Working with major pharmaceutical companies from all over the world is a dynamic aspect to our practice. Our clinical research business is more than Diabetes and Endocrinology, we are currently conducting research into Fatty liver/NASH, Orthopedics / Arthritis, Hemochromatosis, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Obesity, Hypertension, Hyperlipidemia, Male hypogonadism, and the list is always expanding. We are also not dependent on medical insurance as 80% of our revenue is earned through clinical research. That fact allows us to expand and serve our community in ways that most medical practices can not.

Pay is competitive and benefits might surprise you. $120k to $150k– Your fit, personality, and experience will determine what you take home. Other parts of our compensation packages include:

·         Absolutely non-smoking environment

·         BCBS health insurance for team members

·         Employer Matched Health Savings Account (HSA) for medical expenses

·         Paid holidays

·         21 paid personal days off each year

·         Uniforms, as applicable

·         IRA employer match

·         Subsidized corporate Sports Center Membership

·         Pleasant working environment

·         Annual CME allowance

·         Employer-paid professional insurance and license expenses

Let this be extremely clear- Not just any Physician should work at Lucas Research. Every team member actively and proudly participates in the clinical research business as one cohesive unit- side by side. Every team member is willing to roll up their sleeves and tackle any task necessary to get the job done—big or small. This means you too. Our intentional culture makes us a better medical office for the Team, this community, and our mind-bogglingly loyal patients. If you have the heart of a servant, the brains to keep up with Jeannie (Dr. Lucas), and a hunger to be part of something changing the world, then we should talk. To us, there is nothing more fulfilling than believing in a cause larger than oneself. This is one of two mandatory requirements for the position. The other one is you have to actually be a physician. We are excited to hear from those who can check both of those boxes.


Administrative Coordinator

Our Administrative Coordinators may find themselves doing most anything on the business side of the practice. Customer service, scheduling appointments, directing internal communications, faxing, scanning, printing, making coffee, customer service, calculating. accepting payments, calming a patient, retrieving lunch for the team, returning lost items, returning phone calls, ordering supplies, opening the mail, planning activities, installing software, making a list twice, arranging schedules, updating social media, filing, updating documentation, checking-in patients, checking-out patients, organizing,… OK, you get the picture. The Administrative Coordinators are the first face our patient sees on arrival, and the last face the patient sees when departing; we like to say they are the face of Lucas Research. You will be allowed to do whatever you are capable of, short of practicing medicine. The Admin Team is one path to the Executive Team, but the journey can take years. Nothing worth having comes easy and this will be no exception.