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  • Holiday Travel Snacks

    Traveling during the holiday season can be crazy. When you add in trying to find diabetic snack for the road, it can be a hassle. We’ve combined a list for you of snacks with different carbohydrate levels. A great way to organize these could be with small snack baggies, or even using a crafting box […]

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  • Diabetic Holiday Eating

    The holidays are upon us and everyone wants to grab a slice of Grandma’s Homemade Pumpkin Pie. Unfortunately, if you have diabetes you have to be careful about what you have, and how much of it you eat. We’ve skimmed some recipes for you [courtesy of Diabetic Living Online] to help make the Holiday Feasts […]

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  • Diabetic Healthy Eating

    Eating Health With Diabetes Here at Lucas Research, the diabetic care doesn’t start and end in the doctor’s office. It starts at home with the choices you make, from what you put in your body, to how much activity you get. For your blood sugar control to not take over your daily life, we’ve come […]

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