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  • The Gift of Presence

    The benefits of connection with other people have been enumerated in the medical literature for years. Love and connection lowers your blood pressure, prevents heart disease, helps diabetes and avoids cancer.  It is the best medication we have. So this Christmas, instead of giving someone a tie or other gift they do not need, give […]

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  • Lose Weight Now!

    Christmas is approaching and you want to get into that beautiful dress you bought for holiday parties.  What do you do since you have put off losing weight all year?  What is reasonable? Tips for losing weight quickly: ·         Focus on the task at hand. ·         Record EVERYTHING you put into your mouth on the […]

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  • Gazing, Grazing & Glazing: Surviving Thanksgiving

    How did Thanksgiving become about food?   Did the pilgrims consume 3000-5000 calories on the first Thanksgiving and fall into food comas in front of the TV?   If you have health problems which are made worse by eating (almost all of them), then maybe you want to do something differently this year. What would a pilgrim […]

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